Here are some ways you can be part of our project.
We show you how you can become a part of our project.

Donate €1 per month

Donate via Teaming. This way, you will contribute with regular income and be an active part of our project →

Become a member for €5 per month

Contribute through our monthly membership fee and help us help the dogs.

Donate via Paypal:

Donate through our bank account at Banco Sabadell
Account Holder: Fuerteventura Dog Rescue Association
IBAN: ES34 0081 0545 5500 0141 9442

Special Contribution

You decide the amount and the time at which you want to make your donation.

Donate via Paypal:

Donate through our bank account at Banco Sabadell
Account Holder: Fuerteventura Dog Rescue Association
IBAN: ES34 0081 0545 5500 0141 9442

Collecting Tins –Do you have a business?

Collecting tins are also an effective way to raise funds. If you have a business or workplace, you can contribute by placing one of our piggy banks for your customers to make donations. Every small contribution adds up and helps us continue to assist dogs in need.
We appreciate your support and generosity in any of the mentioned ways. Every donation matters and brings us one step closer to our goal of providing a better future for dogs in need.

Sponsor a dog

If you feel a special connection with one of our dogs but can't adopt or temporarily foster them, you have the option to sponsor them.

By sponsoring a dog, you help us cover a portion of their expenses with a minimum monthly fee of €5. In return, we'll keep you updated on their status and send you photos and news about your sponsored dog.

If you wish to help one of our dogs in this way, please get in touch with us.

Thank you for your support! →

Material Donations

You can also contribute by donating the following materials:

  • High-quality dog food.
  • Harnesses, collars, and leashes
  • Muzzles
  • Dog toys
  • Carriers and dog houses
  • Medications and wound care supplies
  • Other useful materials

Your generous donation of these materials helps us meet our dogs' daily needs and improve their well-being. If you have any of these materials in good condition and would like to donate them, please contact us to arrange the delivery →

Foster home

Providing a temporary home for dogs until they find their adoptive family is a wonderful option. This way, you offer them significant support by preventing the stress and discomfort they experience in a shelter. Additionally, you assist them in their initial adjustment challenges and aid in their recovery from potential injuries, surgeries, or traumas.

We take care of and cover all the expenses for care and maintenance, such as food, veterinary costs, materials, etc. Your only responsibility is to take care of them and prepare them for their forever home.

If you are interested in getting more information about becoming a foster home, please fill out the following form →

Knowledge and Skills

Your experience and knowledge will make a difference in the lives of our dogs and the success of our daily activities within the association.

If you have knowledge and experience in any of the following areas, your contribution will be highly valuable:

– Photography: Capturing images of our dogs to promote their adoption.

– Journalism: Assisting in the writing of articles and content related to our work.

– Social Media Management: Managing our social media accounts and promoting our activities.

– Video Editing: Creating and editing videos to showcase the stories of our dogs.

– Masonry and Carpentry: Assisting with repairs and improvements to the facilities.

– Veterinarians: Providing supplementary veterinary assistance to our dogs.

– Canine Groomers: Assisting with the care and grooming of our dogs.

– Other Skills: If you have additional special skills that you believe could be beneficial to our association, we would be delighted to evaluate how you can contribute.

Contact us now →