In La Oliva, Fuerteventura, taking care of abandoned dogs.

We transform canine lives in La Oliva with a passionate team of dedicated volunteers committed to the well-being of abandoned and mistreated dogs.


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Kima is a sweetheart. Very affectionate and fun; always with a smile on her face. She gets along well with most dogs. She tolerates cats but is not suitable for living with them. She spends her hours in the kennel with her Kong, waiting for someone to notice her.



Billy was found in deplorable conditions, very thin and full of parasites. He is very affectionate and social with people. We are still getting to know him with other dogs.


Belgian Malinois Shepherd

Kisu has gone through a lengthy rehabilitation process. Now, he is a super affectionate and playful dog with people and dogs he knows. He still struggles with unfamiliar people and dogs. The person who adopts him will need to undergo training to continue assisting him.

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I found a dog, what should I do?

We are a volunteer association and do not have the authority or our own facilities to pick up dogs. Therefore, if you have found a dog that appears to be lost, injured, or abandoned, you have the following options:
– Take it to the nearest veterinary clinic to check if it has a microchip and to notify its family.
– Call 112 to have them contact the Local Police, who will come to you, check for a microchip, and notify the family.
– If the animal is not identified, the Police should take charge or notify the relevant services to transfer it to municipal facilities.

Quiero adoptar un perro.

Thank you for your interest! We welcome over 20 dogs who have lost their homes and are eager to find people like you to care for them and give them love.
– First, you will need to fill out the following pre-adoption form to ensure compatibility and adoption success.
First meeting: We will contact you to schedule a visit. Visiting hours are on Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays at 9:00 am (may vary depending on the season).
Visit as many times as necessary: We recommend multiple visits, especially if there are other dogs in the family, to make an informed decision.
Pay the adoption fee: The fee includes a passport, microchip, vaccinations, neutering, and deworming. It varies by breed and gender, with costs ranging from €120 to €190.
Plan for their arrival: Prepare everything for their arrival and ensure they are accompanied during the first few weeks to help them adapt to their new home.

I would like to be a volunteer.

Thank you very much for wanting to be part of our project; the more of us there are, the more we can achieve! Please, check this link to see if you meet all the requirements.

How can I collaborate?

Thank you for your interest in collaborating! We have various ways you can help. You can choose the option that suits you best at this link. Your support is very valuable to us, especially for our furry friends!



For information and visits to the municipal dog pound


Visit the Municipal Dog Shelter at

C. Juan Cabrera Méndez, 4, 35640 La Oliva, Las Palmas