Many dogs end up in the dog shelter through no fault of their own.  Separated from their loved ones (although this love isn’t always two way), in the shelter they are surround by unknowns, shut in a cage, confused, scared and sad, for many of them the emotional shock is huge.

Although for many puppies are much more attractive, adopting an adult dog has various benefits apart from the fact that you could be the last chance to one that could spend its last days shut in a cage.

Benefits of adopting an adult dog:

  • The volunteers of the Association know the characters of the dogs and can advise you as to which would adapt best to your home.
  • Mature dogs learn quicker.
  • The adaption to their new life is quick and easy. The dog will quickly adapt to the way of its new home, like basic discipline, doing the toilet outside, etc.
  • You don´t have the typical puppies chewing everything or doing the toilet everywhere.
  • The size of the dog is how it is, no surprises!!
  • Those that have adopted an adult dog all agree that the love and appreciation that the dog shows towards its new owners is amazing.

Adoption Application

  • Personal Details

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  • Adoption Details

  • Tell us the about the character of the animals you have. Are all their vaccinations up to date? Are they neutered?