About us

Who we are

The Fuerteventura Dog Rescue Association is a legally constituted Association since the 17th of March 2013 with the Spanish Tax Id G76151851, inscribed in the Canarian Government general register of Canarian Associations with the number G1/S1/19399-13F and inscribed in the Spanish Data Protection Agency with the number 2130840450.

Our beginning

What started out as a small group of girls has now grown into a much larger group of like minded people, different nationalities, backgrounds and personalities.  They each found they had one thing that brought them all together and that was to care for the abandoned dogs in Fuerteventura.  The decision to form an Association came with the support of the La Oliva Town Hall with whom we have been working alongside since the middle of 2012.

Our objectives

To help the abandoned and ill treated dogs in the La Oliva area. We are made up of volunteers who, in their spare time, clean the shelter, walk the dogs, transfer dogs and contact with foster homes and people wishing to adopt and who have already adopted. We don´t have our own land so we are unable to collect dogs however we do collaborate with the La Oliva dog shelter and via our Facebook page and website, give advice on the steps to take if you find an abandoned dog.

In this time we have successfully re-homed many dogs and plan to help to educate our future generation as to the importance of sterilization and the responsibility that having a dog entails.  Our main objectives are: reduce the number of puppies born here on the island which in the long term will drastically reduce the amount of abandoned dogs we have here and to help any dog who has suffered abuse and/or abandonment.
If you would like to join us, be it as a member, volunteer, sponsor or to donate materials, you will find all the information on our website.


THURSDAYS: 08:00-09:30